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Apple design legend creates awesome 8-bit stickers

Susan Kare, former Apple designer and creator of the famous icons used in the original Macintosh operating system, is the latest artist to have a sticker pack featured in social networking app Path.

The stickers, which can be bought as in-app purchases, are similar to emoticons and are used in Path's private messaging service. Kare is the latest contributor to the sticker series which was launched last month, and she has created a set of delicious food art in her signature 8-bit style.

Car stickers

Kare told the Path blog: "I designed the stickers of iconic food in a limited grid, hoping they can be useful literally (want to get coffee?) and creatively as symbols (e.g. You’re the cream in my coffee) and add some visual shorthand and humor to messages. As someone whose car has more than a few stickers, I know they can be a fun way to communicate."

Kare's sticker pack is available now for $1.99 through Path's in-app shop, and you can see more of her work at and

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