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Wacom launches three new digital pens

No one can accuse Wacom of resting on its laurels. Following the launch today of the Bamboo Pad, it's also today unveiled three new digital stylus products. One is completely new, while the other two are second-generation, improved products from its Bamboo stylus range, first introduced in 2011.

The new product, the £12.99 Bamboo Stylus Alpha, is described as "an affordable entry addition to the range, which looks and feels like a pen". The two second-generation products are The Bamboo Stylus solo and The Bamboo Stylus Duo.

The Bamboo Stylus Solo is aimed at use with touchscreen devices , including the iPad, and comes with a protective cap. The Bamboo Stylus Duo is a two-in-one solution, offering a stylus for both touchscreens and a ballpoint pen for use on paper (an old-school technology younger designers may be unfamiliar with, but worth checking out). Both pens now boast a slimmer (5 mm) rubber nib for which Wacom says makes writing, doodling or navigating on a touch screen more natural and authentic than before.

All three products come in black and white versions, while the Solo and Duo also come in pink, green, yellow and blue. Available in Wacom's eStore from today, the Bamboo Stylus duo is priced at £24.99, the Bamboo Stylus solo is £16.99, and the Bamboo Stylus alpha costs £12.99.

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