How to create colourful character design with Loish

Loish character design; a colourful character design
(Image credit: Loish)

To approach this character design tutorial I am doing a redraw of an older image that I first made back in 2003. For the original character illustration I used highlighters, so when remaking the image digitally, I want the colours to be just as bright and vibrant as the highlighter ink from my original drawing.

When working digitally (here using Photoshop), creating a bright colour scheme is easier said than done, given that there isn’t a specific setting for neon colours. In order to create a similar effect, it’s much more about how the colours interact with one another. The relationships between the highlight and shadow colours are what determine whether the colours look bright, so it’s really important to think about the palette as a whole throughout the process.

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Loish (Lois van Baarle)
Artist and illustrator

Loish is a digital artist who has been drawing her whole life. She specialises in character design work for clients all over the world, including LEGO, Guerrilla Games, Amazon, EA, Coca-Cola, and more. Loish spends her free time making digital paintings and sketches. She also creates regular Patreon tutorials, lectures and gives talks around the world on digital art.