17 tips to develop your characters

When you're trying to develop your characters, sometimes the best thing you can do is step away from your drawing tablet or sketchpad and think differently. When you're developing your characters, you shouldn't only be thinking about how they look, but also how they feel, think and behave.

This isn't just for storytelling or background purposes; it can inform your art too. Knowing a character as a person, inside-out, will help inform you of aspects of their personality that should be represented visually. What do they wear in different situations, what do they carry in their pockets, how differently do they carry themselves when in the presence of different people?

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Isabel Armitage

Isabel is a freelance journalist and copywriter who specialises in the arts. Her work has appeared in Woman and Home Magazine, Salt Magazine, The Quietus and more, and she is the current in-house writer for RedHouse Originals, a Harrogate-based gallery specialising in modern and contemporary art.