How to adjust your monitor: change your screen size, brightness and more

How to adjust your monitor
(Image credit: Tetra Images via Getty Images)

Learning how to adjust your monitor is a vital part of your process. A professional-grade monitor is one of the most important tools you can own as a graphic designer or photographer. However, if your monitor is not properly set up, it will hinder the quality of your work while making you prone to eye strain and headaches. Knowing how to adjust your monitor – whether it’s fresh out of the box or several years old – can alleviate those issues.

It's not enough to tap the brightness and contrast buttons on your monitor and be done with it, especially if you rely on a monitor for professional work. In this article, we’ll explain how to adjust your monitor and answer some commonly asked questions about the process. It’ll take some time to get everything right, but your projects (and your health!) will greatly benefit from it. 

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Alison Barretta

Alison is a freelance writer and editor from Philadelphia, USA. She's been sharing buying advice and retail news for over a decade. When she isn't hunting for deals, Alison can be found teaching/training in martial arts, fawning over skincare, and indulging in her quarantine-borne hobby: cooking. She has written for a number of publications including TechRadar, Forbes and Business Insider.