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10 inspirational examples of vector art

06. Pepper

Vector art Pepper

The red-headed beauty was created by professional digital artist Stanley Lau

This gorgeous young lady was envisioned by professional digital artist Stanley Lau. Lau is the co-founder of Imaginary Friends Studios - an acclaimed digital art studio, which produces work for the likes of Capcom, DC Comics, Square Enix. However, this example of vector art was one of Lau's self initiated projects for personal exploration of different styles and illustration techniques.

07. Time Travel in a Time of Regret

Vector art Time Travel

Jared Nickerson created this stunning piece for design collective Depthcore

Jared Nickerson is a professional digital illustrator and co-founder of renowned vector community Blood Sweat Vector. He created this beautiful piece of vetor art for the 'Echoes' series run by international digital art and design collective Depthcore last year. Nickerson also owns and operates Seattle-based design studio Jthree Concepts.

08. Rap Genius

Vector art Rap Genius

Illustrator Steve Simpson designed and created this cool character for Wired magazine

Super-talented illustrator Steve Simpson designed and produced this awesome robot illustration, created for Wired Magazine (UK) for an article about the online guide to the meaning of rap lyrics, Rap Genius. You can see more of Steve's vector art work here.

09. Science Vs Delerium

Vector art Science

Graphic designer Simon Bent aka Volume2a created these stunning illustrations to celebrate some of the greatest scientists in history

Volume2a is the Melbourne-based graphic designer Simon Bent and the man behind these cool illustrations which celebrate some of the greatest scientists in history. Check out more of Bent's vector art work on his website, which also features work in the areas of art direction, publishing, typography, branding, illustration and web design.

10. Avengers Family Tree

Vector art Avengers

Can you identify all the characters in this Avengers Family Tree...?

Back in 2011, graphic designer Joe Stone drew a set of awesome vector art posters showing the connections between different groups of characters in Marvel Comics' universe of superheroes. It was a tough choice but our favourite has to be this brilliant Avengers family tree, which, like the other two designs, features the tag line 'Confused? Read more comics'. Genius.

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