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Paint perfect anatomy with the latest ImagineFX

ImagineFX issue 135 is out now and it's packed with all the essentials to give your art that add realism. You need to know the rules to break them, as they say – so start with the basics and build up your character from the inside with Aaron Griffin's cover workshop. The artist shows you how to use life drawing and pose reference to help create a believable fantasy character.

Then up your caricature game with Loopydave's insight into the anatomy of the caricature. Learn how you can use your knowledge of realism to exaggerate your figures!

We peer inside Dave Seeley's studio, have our pros answer to your top anatomy troubles, count down the top 10 online art schools and show you how to quickly kitbash your 3D models.

Get your copy of ImagineFX 135 today!

Want to know more? Here's a preview of the new issue:

Also included in issue 135...

We take an in-depth look at life drawing and whether or not fantasy artists should bite the bullet and get back to school.

Dan dos Santos talks to us about success, sacrifice and returning all those favours he received on the way to the top.

We delve into Collateral Damage Studios in Singapore and take a look at how the local artist group blossomed into a global creative player.

Get back to basics with our traditional pencil workshop, walking you through the literal skeleton of anatomy and explaining how to master bones and muscles accurately in order to really level up your art.

On top of all that, there's also a seven hours of brilliant pro video tuition, and a whopping 427 free custom Photoshop brushes for you to try out –our most generous collection yet! So, don't delay, buy your copy today!

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