10 magical Doctor Who designs you must see

Doctor Who designs

Doctor Who is one of the longest running TV shows in the history of television. Launching in 1963, this month sees the show's 50th anniversary commemorated by a very special episode to be shown on the BBC. Here, we collect 10 magical designs inspired by one of science-fiction's greatest shows.

01. Retro posters

doctor who designs

These retro poster designs hark back to the show's 1960s beginnings

These brilliant retro poster designs were created for the 90-minute drama 'An Adventure in Space and Time'. Taking influence from the show's early 1960s beginnings, these vintage styled illustrations and lay-outs will surely satisfy the show's long-running fans.

02. Doctor Who comic

doctor who designs

Click the image to see the full sized comic

Oli Smith is a former science fiction author turned games producer and part-time game designer and along with his illustrator other half Monica Ion, the pair put together this delightful Doctor Who comic to celebrate the 50th anniversary. We love the cheeky Superman cross-over and illustration style with this one!

03. Parallax website

doctor who designs

Another brilliant example of parallax scrolling with this Doctor Who site

We've seen plenty of inspiring examples of parallax scrolling websites over the year, so it's a delight to add this Doctor Who parallax scrolling site to that list. Produced by Christopher Ashton, Christine Jeavans, Helene Sears and Tian Yuan, you can see a whole host of Doctor Who imagery and videos used over on the BBC's Doctor Who website.

04. Tardis on Street View

doctor who designs

Take your own private tour of the tardis with Google maps street view

That's right! The Tardis has been given it's very own Google maps Street View which means you can now take your own private tour of the iconic building. With over 640 reviews listed, we fully recommend you read through some of them - they're hilarious!

05. 11 Doctors in animation

doctor who designs

Can you name all the 11 doctor's with this brilliant gif?

There's been a total of 11 Doctors so far in the show's history and this brilliantly animated gif showcases each iconic actor in their signature Doctor Who get-ups. It was put together by artist Javi Castro in this awesome 'blink and you might miss it' style. Which Doctor was your favourite?

06. Peter Capaldi titles

Leeds based designer Billy Hanshaw created these titles for the new doctor - Peter Capaldi. First section is the Doctor's watch, and we fly inside. "The journey through the cog-wheels end with our exit through the untempered schism. And into an Escher-esque timey wimey never-ending clock face (a metaphor of time travel and the time vortex)," he explains.

07. Tapestry

Doctor Who designs

The entire history of Doctor Who all in one tapestry!

This impressively intricate creation, in the style of the Bayeux Tapestry, follows events from when the Doctor ran away from his home planet of Gallifrey right up to The Day of the Doctor. You can see an enlarged version of the tapestry over on Mudron's Flickr and if you've fallen in love with it as much as we have, you'll be pleased to know that you can also pre-order it in print form!

08. 50th anniversary poster

Doctor Who designs

A hand-drawn print to celebrate the 50th anniversary

This inspiring hand drawn print was created to coincide with Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary this month. It was designed by Nottingham based artist Ian Upcot. We love the mix of typography, colour and character design all moulded into one cool poster.

09. Cyberman

Doctor Who designs

Designer Patrick Seymour creates these inspiring monochrome designs

Canadian designer Patrick Seymour created this inspiring range of monochrome illustrations featuring a wide array of Doctor Who characters and objects. We particularly loved this Cyberman creation but be sure to check out his Tardis offering too!

10. Minimalist episode posters

Doctor Who designs

A minimalist poster has been created for modern Doctor Who episodes

This is the beginning of a new project for French designer Citron Vert. He would like to make one for each episode of the modern Doctor Who but in the meantime, we're head over heels for these minimalist posters he's already come up with!

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Have you created a Doctor Who inspired design? Let us know in the comments box below!

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