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Edible business card will spice up meat 'n greets

meat business cards

We'd probably steer clear of giving these to a vegetarian client

There's plenty of innovative business cards out there designed to grab the attention of a potential client or creative partner. These days, a standard rectangular business card just won't cut it, especially in the design world. A great way to leave a long lasting impression, the small but powerful marketing tool should make you stand out, showcasing your unique identity in a professional and creative way.

These business cards created by Meat Cards certainly fit into the creative business card category. They're made by laser-etching the necessary details onto slabs of tough dried meat, making for an unconvential, yet highly eye-catching card.

Whilst the cards are perishable, they can actually be eaten for up to a year after being created. If we were you, we'd probably steer clear of giving these to any vegetarian or vegan clients.

meat business cards

meat business cards

[via Design Taxi]

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