CHECK THIS OUT! A futuristic Japan created from Lego

What do you get when you ask for something special on your 50th birthday? Well, for one of our favourite design toys, Lego, it's a case of 5000 Japanese children from 6 different regions building an entire country in your honour.

The project 'Build Up Japan' was sponsored and curated by the legendary toy brick makers and encouraged school children to build imaginary structures - with the result of a Japan that they wanted to see.

Lego Japan: The vertical white buildings were laid over the shape of the Japanese islands

Although the company is 80 years old itself, Lego products have only been sold in Japan for 50 years. During the March and April 'Build Up Japan' celebration, sections of this Lego map sat in six different regions across Japan.

Lego Japan: 1.8 million Lego bricks were used to create the sculpture

With a little help from their parents and a few Lego officials, children across Japan were able to create their country the way they wanted it. The total number of Lego bricks used was a jaw-dropping 1.8 million!

Lego Japan: The structure included some colour with small houses and boats

The assembled pieces were then taken to Tokyo and constructed by a team of Lego experts. We fell in love with the lack of colour used, as it certainly gave the structure that 'work of art' feeling. Once it was completed, it left the audience speechless.

Lego Japan: Just some of the children's creations - we love how original they are!

You can see loads more photos from the main event on the Build Up Japan Facebook page.

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