Make your own movie poster with these free images


Chances are you've heard a bit about Moonlight recently – it has been praised by critics as one of the best films of 2016 and picked up more than a few gongs this awards season. With its cool metallic colours and split imagery, we selected Moonlight as one of the best poster designs of 2016. It seems Depositphotos was equally impressed, because the stock photo platform has pulled together a collection of free images inspired by Moonlight's stylish aesthetic. 

So if the film has inspired you creatively and you want to replicate its unique look, you're in luck! Check out our slideshow below for a peek at the kinds of images available.

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These images reflect the film's striking poster design
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Lurid colours and out-of-focus shots help to replicate the Moonlight look
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We love the bold hues in this collection

This collection contains plenty of artistic shots loaded with blended neon colours, long exposures and abstract compositions. The set is made up of 46 stunning images, which you can find in Depositphotos' suitably named Moonlight 2017 movie aesthetics folder. 

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