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Facebook goes flat with logo redesign

New Facebook logo

Facebook has radically updated its familiar logo. Only joking

Around two millennia after the flat earth theory was consigned to the waste basket, the world is going flat again. Following flat design pioneer Microsoft with its 2D panel-based Metro/Windows 8 interface, several key players including Apple and Ford have eschewed 3D shading and skeuomorphism.

The latest to do so is needs-no-introduction social network Facebook, which has followed up its Facebook Home announcement and several other recent UI updates with a new flat logo and icons (so nothing like this awesome 3D icon design we discovered).

Most users will have to inspect the new icon side-by-side with its predecessor to spot any differences, but we expect the knowledgeable Creative Bloq audience will already have noted the lack of shading and that the bottom of the 'f' icon disappears into negative space.

Facebook icon

Previous 'f' logo now looks a bit fussy by comparison

The 'f' logo has been added as the picture to Facebook's Twitter account, and the company has also refreshed the logos of some other official pages including the security badge and the privacy icon.

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What do you make of the new Facebook logo? Let us know your views in the comments below...