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News Corp unveils new 'handwritten' logo

Last week, media giant News Corp's board approved splitting Rupert Murdoch's company into two, with its entertainment titles going under the 21st Century Fox banner and journalism and books remaining under News Corp. 21st Century Fox got its new logo design a few weeks ago - you can see that here - and now it's News Corp's turn.

Over to Robert Thompson, chief executive of News Corp, who announced the new handwriting font-based logo in a memo to employees, saying: "The name is historic and the script is based on the writing of Rupert [Murdoch] and his father, who have provided us all with not only a name, but a remarkable professional platform."

The previous News Corporation logo

The previous News Corporation logo

Regardless of its origin, there's no getting away from the fact that the new logo of one of the world's largest news and publishing companies uses script typography. The cursive lettering certainly evokes the concept of 'writing', which is of course the core of the business. But this typeface style is generally reserved for homey, mom-and-pop style enterprises (although two of the most famous exponents of the script logotype, global behemoths Coca-Cola and Kellogg's, are at the other end of the spectrum, of course).

Is News Corp is looking to steal some of the gravitas of upmarket store Harrods, or perhaps a slice of the urban cool of skatewear company Stussy's logo? Maybe, but what it most resembles to us is '80s clothing brand Pepe Jeans - not perhaps the look News Corp was looking for.

Whatever comparisons you make, News Corp's new handwritten logotype is certainly a step into the left field for a global media corporation. We'd love to hear your views!

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