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Oscars unveils brand new logo

NEW LOGO: Draws on the 'A' of the Academy

NEW LOGO: Draws on the 'A' of the Academy

It's been two years in the making: now finally the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), the organisation behind the Oscars, has a new logo design.

New Oscars logo

The triangular shape is inspired by the concept of a spotlight

Like its predecessor (below), the new design features the Oscars gong silhouetted a golden background, but this time in a pyramid. Developed with the help of award-winning agency 180LA, it will be used to promote the March's 86th annual Academy Awards and the opening in 2017 of the Academy Museum.

Old Oscars logo

OLD LOGO: Similar but circular

The new design, which is already in use on the Oscars site, is based around the 'A' of the academy. "It puts the Academy into its own logo - from which it's been absent since the inception of the organisation," Christina Kounelias, the academy's chief marketing officer, explained.

New Oscars logo: website

The new logo is already in use on the Oscars website

180LA’s head of design, Richard Harrington, added that the new design "transformed the visual balance from not only representing the Oscars, but now it’s very much about the Academy."

The thinking behind the design is demonstrated in this short video:

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