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Philips unveils new logo and identity

philips new logo

The new Philips logo design

Leading Dutch technology company Philips have unveiled this brand new logo and identity across the entire brand (above).

Earlier this week they showcased a piece-by-piece teaser, with the new logo now coming to the forefront of their new look. Developed by the in-house design team, Philips also worked with partners including Interbrand, Ogilvy and OneVoice for the new branding.

Based on the strapline 'innovation and people', the new shield logo harks back to the company's original logo design back in 1934. However, this new look shield has curvier aspects to it, with thicker and softer lines throughout.

philips new logo

The blue wordmark will continue to be used in tandem with the new logo

However, Philips have stated that they will continue to use their previous blue wordmark (above), as it aims to 'remains true to its legacy, rooted in its early years at the beginning of the 20th century'. The new logo will appear on all their upcoming promotional material.

[via Design Week]

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