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New Apple MacBook Pro 2021 to finally fix the laptop's biggest problem

Apple's M1 chips have proven to be game-changers for the MacBook, turning both the Air and the Pro into absolute powerhouses when it comes to speed and efficiency. But there's one area where the MacBook really isn't up to scratch in 2021. 

If you're one of the many MacBook users who've found themselves lost in a mire of video calls over the last year, you'll know that the webcam is, er, not incredible. But new reports suggest the upcoming new MacBook Pro will finally take things up a gear. It might be among the best laptops for graphic design, but at 720p, the current MacBook Pro's webcam is less than ideal.

MacBook Air

The current MacBook webcam ain't great (Image credit: Apple)

According to one Apple leaker, as spotted by MacRumors, the rumoured 2021 MacBook Pro will receive "an updated, improved 1080p webcam". Currently, the only Mac to feature such a camera is the 2021 iMac, but it'll be great to see it make its way to the MacBook range.

iOS developer "dylandkt" claims that the new webcam will hit both the 14 and 16-inch versions of the new MacBook Pro, which is rumoured be arriving in the latter half of 2021, complete with an even more powerful chip, rumoured to be called M1X.

2021 iMac

The M1 iMac features a 1080p webcam (Image credit: Apple)

From a colourful new design to the return of MagSafe, we've heard plenty of exciting rumours about the future of the MacBook. But while it perhaps as headline-grabbing as a fresh coat of paint, an upgraded webcam would still be a significant improvement – if only to bring the MacBook camera out of the dark ages.

That said, if you're not particularly reliant on video calls, the current M1 Macs are incredibly future-proof in other areas of performance. Check out today's best deals below, and head over to our main Apple deals page for more.

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