Is this AirPods case the most eccentric Apple accessory yet?

Balenciaga is renowned for its glamorous and innovative high fashion from shoes to coats, to shades, to lingerie. But it's this blinged-up Apple accessory that has caught our eye. 

Balenciaga has released its incredibly extra take on the humble AirPod case, and we are not sure how to feel about it. Decorated in hundreds of rhinestones, this high-end case is the perfect gift for any serious glam lover. Haven't got your hands on a pair of AirPods to put in this dazzling case yet? Don't worry, why not check out our guide to the best cheap AirPods

The Balenciaga AirPod case.

The case is covered head-to-toe in brass Rhinestones  (Image credit: Balenciaga)

The 00's inspired case will set you back £925 on the Balenciaga website, which is a whopping £989 difference from Apple's £26 AirPod case (and we thought Apple was expensive). Despite its hefty price tag and bejazzled look, the case is actually made from 100% brass, rhinestones included. The case is part of Balenciaga's glam collection, which also features a blingy phone ring holder that is £325 (and it's just as ugly as you'd expect).

The Balenciaga phone ring.

This phone ring somewhat resembles a nipple (Image credit: Balenciaga)

We can't say we are a fan of Balenciaga's design, but it's always entertaining to see extreme Apple accessories, like the Candy dispensing iPhone case, or the AirPod earrings to help keep your headphones in your ears. Despite the tacky design, we would definitely rather have a Balenciaga AirPods case than one of Doooo's horrifyingly realistic phone cases though. 

We won't be heading to Balenciaga to buy this AirPods case anytime soon. But if you're hoping to buy some AirPods, why not check out our AirPod Max review? Or have a look at Apple Black Friday hub and treat yourself to some new Apple gear. 

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