Apple just killed off the iMac Pro (but don't panic yet)

iMac Pro
(Image credit: Apple)

It might be one of Apple's most beloved and iconic products, but the iMac is also starting to look a little old. And when we say 'starting', we mean it hasn't been given a design update since all the way back in 2012. We've heard several rumours that a new iMac is finally incoming – but it seems Apple has decided to bump one current model off early.

Apple appears to have confirmed that the iMac Pro, once the "most powerful Mac ever", is being discontinued. A new 'while supplies last' notice suggests that the machine, released in 2017, will soon be fully out of stock. (Don't worry – our best computer for graphic design, the 2020 iMac, is still very much available.) 

iMac Pro

"While stocks last" – the death knell for Apple products (Image credit: Apple)

Since adding the notice, Apple is said to have confirmed to MacRumors that the iMac Pro will indeed be unavailable once the current stock runs out. According to the site, "the Intel-based 27-inch iMac is Apple's recommendation right now".

While the iMac Pro started off as the most powerful Mac option for creatives in 2017, with no hardware updates over its lifetime, it slipped somewhat into obscurity over the last few years. It's perhaps unsurprising therefore to see it go – keeping an iMac Pro in the line up that's no longer particularly 'pro' is a touch confusing (almost as confusing as an iPad Air that outshines the iPad Pro).

2021 iMac

Recent renders of the rumoured 2021 iMac (Image credit: Jon Prosser)

As for what's next, we've heard all sorts of rumours regarding the so-called 2021 iMac. From nostalgic colour options (above) to a design based on Apple's ludicrously expensive Pro Display XDR (see more on the Pro Display XDR monitor) it seems the iMac is finally in line for a much-needed visual update.

And in terms of specs, it seems safe to assume that Apple is planning to add its stunning M1 chip to the iMac after debuting it in the Mac mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro last November. We've been blown away by the performance of the M1 chip so far (and were surprised to see some early M1 MacBook deals emerge online) – an M1 iMac is likely to leave the 2020 model in the dust, let alone the 2017 iMac Pro.

Indeed, it seems most fans aren't too sad to see the iMac Pro go. Many are more excited about what's coming next – and with the steady roll-out of that super-powerful M1 chip, it now seems clear that the iMac Pro was something of a stop-gap (and a very expensive one at $4,999/£4,999).

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Time will tell what the company has in store for desktop users – but with an Apple event rumoured to be taking place this month, we may find out sooner rather than later if an M1 iMac is coming to crush all memory of the iMac Pro. If you want to experience the incredible chip right here and now, check out the best M1 Mac deals below, and be sure to head to our main Apple deals page for more ace offers.

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