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Incredible Amazon Black Friday deal knocks £252 off new 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook Pro deal
(Image credit: Dhe haivan on Unsplash)

It's not often you come across discounts on Apple products, in fact, finding a brilliant Apple Black Friday deal on a popular creative device like a MacBook Pro is much harder than it might seem. So imagine our surprise – and delight – to find Amazon has knocked over £250 off Apple's shiny new 16-inch MacBook Pro

Although having only been around a matter of weeks, Apple latest update to its MacBook Pro range is already proving popular among the creative community. Not only does it boast a bigger, stunning 16-inch screen, Apple has also pumped more power under the hood to help it handle even the most labour-intensive tasks, and, one of the biggest surprises of all, kept it the same price as the previous model. Add all that up and it's not hard to see why the MacBook Pro regularly tops our list of the best laptops for graphic design

The particular model on offer right now boasts a number of features sure to excite busy creatives, including super-powered Intel Core i9 processor, AMD Radeon Pro 5500M graphics with GDDR6 memory, six-sound speaker system, 1TB of storage, four Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports and up to 11 hours of battery life. What more could you possibly want?

Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch | 16GB RAM | 1TB Storage: £2,799 £2547 at Amazon
Save £252:
It might be hard to believe, but the latest MacBook Pro from Apple currently has over £250 shaved off its original price. If you've been thinking of investing in a MacBook Pro, you'll almost certainly never find a better time. View Deal

Deals across the pond aren't quite so impressive, however if you're a regular shopper and member at Best Buy, there's some very decent savings to be made on the new 16-inch MacBook Pro. 

Save up to $100 on the new 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro at Best Buy
If you're a Best Buy member, you can currently save $100 on the top spec 16-inch MacBook Pro as well as the very slightly less powerful model too. Still a brilliant saving on this brand new Apple machine.
View Deal