Procreate 5.2 just dropped, and its 3D features are incredible

A screenshot of from the Procreate app.
(Image credit: Procreate/Future)

Savage Interactive's Procreate has become essential in a creative's toolbox with its extremely customisable settings, brushes and palettes, its compatibility with the Apple pencil and its affordability. And its newest update has just made it even better. 

The latest 5.2 update for Procreate delivers a number of useful features to the app, including 3D model painting, stroke stabilisation, page assist, extra layers, better resolution, and so much more. Not to mention, the exciting new feature that allows creatives to view their 3D work in AR. In response to the update, Procreate users have flooded Twitter with compliments and artwork made on the updated app. If you like the sound of Procreate but haven't got an iPad to support the app, then check out our Black Friday iPad deals

The 5.2 update is totally jam-packed with some incredible new tools and tricks that will enhance the Procreate experience. Many creatives are currently very excited about the 3D setting, that allows you to paint onto 3D surfaces (see below). Now you can paint or draw directly onto a range of products from skateboards to cases, to cans to rollerblades. 

The update also has an AR setting that allows you to view your 3D design in your environment. Being able to view work in the context of a real environment is an incredibly useful tool that will help creatives to design very specific art or products. And not to mention the fact, it's super cool to watch your creations literally come to life.

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There are also a number of tricks that will make the creative process a lot easier. You can now save your brush size and opacity, pin your favourite brushes and even turn your work into a virtual sketchbook with page assist. It also has better stroke stabilisation for smoother lines and Savage Interactive has added three more languages so more people can enjoy the app. 

A screenshot of the Procreate app.

You can now save your exact brush size for consistency (Image credit: Procreate)

The new update is going down a treat online, and users on Twitter have been sharing their 3D creations already. The update is totally free, so long as you have the app already, which is £8.99/$9.99 from the Apple App Store. One user said that Procreate "didn’t have to go off this hard, but they did and we love them for it!" and another called it, "the perfect drawing/painting app". We've been loving the creations that people have been sharing online, so here are a few of our favourites. 

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We're so impressed with the update, and all the new creations people are already sharing. If you're wondering whether Procreate is worth the hype, then why not have a look at our Procreate 5.2 review. And if you're feeling inspired but don't know which iPad to buy to start your Procreate journey, then check out our handy iPad generations model list. We also have some brilliant Apple Pencil deals deals to upgrade your Procreate experience (or you can check out our roundup of the best Apple Pencil alternatives if you'd rather). We also have a roundup of the best iPad Pro apps, that make the most out of your Apple Pencil. 

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