This hideous iPhone 13 design might be the worst mod we've seen

The iPhone 13 Pro case
(Image credit: Caviar case)

We're all for custom designs and mods, and have seen some pretty excellent PS5 redesigns over the last few months. But if there's one company we can trust to create a Frankenstein-esque monstrosity, it's Caviar. And yep, its latest iPhone mod is as horrendous as the rest.

The "luxury" mod brand has unveiled an iPhone 13 Pro adjourned with fragments of the original iPhone, released all the way back in 2007. But perhaps even weirder than the iPhone mashup is the accompanying bust of Steve Jobs which, among other things, features an Apple in place of a heart. Naturally. (Looking for a more tasteful iPhone? Check out the best Apple deals available now.)

Caviar iPhone 13 mod

Each to their own, we guess (Image credit: Caviar)

The iPhone itself features an "embedded fragment of the motherboard of the very first iPhone 2G". Meanwhile, the back of the phone is decorated with engravings depicting the technical elements of the device. Oh, and Caviar says these elements are "striving towards the center of the world - the Apple logo - like a circulatory system pushing blood towards a pulsating heart," which makes perfect sense, of course.

So far, so Caviar. The phone looks pretty messy and is worlds apart from the sleek and minimal aesthetic of Apple's actual iPhones. And at $6990, the device is further proof from the company that money can't buy taste.

And then there's the "stunningly beautiful" (Caviar's words) Steve Jobs bust. Made from "nickel-plated brass", the limited edition of 999 features a marble stand, an engraving of Jobs's name and what the company claims is the "Apple logo" in place of Jobs's heart. But seeing as the whole point of the original design (one of the best logos of all time) is that it's entirely flat, this 3D version is utterly unrecognisable as the Apple logo.

Caviar Steve Jobs bust

Because Steve Jobs' heart was actually an apple, right?  (Image credit: Caviar)

Once again, we're equal parts amused and bemused by Caviar's efforts to create "luxury" tech products. As usual, the results are more garish than genius, and we're frankly terrified to see what the company will come up with next. From a reptilian PS5 to a dinosaur-themed iPhone, we've seen some shockers from Caviar, and these latest offerings are up there with the best/worst of them.

But don't worry, you don't have to spend over $6k on a hideous-looking iPhone. For less than a sixth of that, you can bag yourself a super-sleek iPhone 13. Check out today's best deals below, and be sure to visit our round-up of the best camera phones available now.

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