5 iPhone 13 features our readers REALLY want to see

Orange iPhone 13 render
(Image credit: EverythingApplePro)

With the iPhone 13 arriving (we hope) next month, rumours about the upcoming smartphone are reaching fever pitch. We've heard details about pretty much every aspect of the device, from the display to the camera – and everything in-between. But what do our readers actually want to see?

Last week we shared a new Apple patent revealing that the company is working on an under-display fingerprint scanner that may (or may not) arrive in time for the iPhone 13. It prompted a wave of responses on Facebook, with hundreds of users sharing their own most-wanted features. Here are some of the most popular. (Want the best iPhone available right here and now? Check out today's best Apple deals.)

01. No notch

iPhone 13 render

A fan-made render of a notch-less iPhone (Image credit: Ben Geskin)

We've heard rumours that the iPhone 13 will feature a reduced notch, while some leakers even suggest it could be about to disappear entirely. Long considered a blight on the supposedly all-screen design of the iPhone, the notch (which houses the front camera and Face ID tech) takes up precious screen real estate.

"NO NOTCH," one user comments, "that's enough for me." Meanwhile, another adds, "I just want them to remove the selfie notch." Perhaps it's about time Apple paid attention to the many iPhone concepts we've seen with a punch-hole camera.

02. Better battery life

iPhone MagSafe Battery Pack

The MagSafe Battery Pack ain't pretty (Image credit: Apple/Future owns)

An oldie but a goodie. We have a feeling better battery life is going to be at the top of smartphone users' wishlists for a long time to come – especially when Apple's portable charging solutions are as ugly as the MagSafe Battery Pack. "I'd like a battery that lasts?" one user comments, while another adds, "a battery that lasts all day might be nice."

03. USB-C


USB-C on a 12-inch MacBook (Image credit: Future)

Here's another feature that's been rumoured for a while but is yet to see the light of day. The iPhone has featured a Lightning port since 2012, but USB-C, which has recently come to the iPad Pro and iPad Air would offer much greater flexibility when it comes to peripherals and charging. And there are too many comments along the lines of "All we want is USB-C!" to count.

04. The return of the power adapter

Ah, naughty Apple. We called the removal of the iPhone's AC adapter with the iPhone 12 one of Apple's most shameless moves, and it seems our readers agree. "I just want Apple to bring back the fckin plug," one user declares. "I just want a charger when I buy the phone to be honest," another adds. But as anyone who still misses the headphone jack will attest, when Apple decides to chop a feature, that's usually it. Speaking of which...

05. The return of the headphone jack

Apple headphones: Earpods

Good luck using these with your iPhone 12 (Image credit: Apple)

Yep, there are clearly plenty of users out there who still use wired headphones. "Please Apple, just bring the headphone jack back," beg countless commenters. "Will it have a headphone jack again? Oh no, this is Apple we're talking about here," one adds. At least that person has realistic expectations. All we can do in this case is direct you to the best AirPods deals

Time will tell if Apple sees fit to implement any of these much-demanded features, or whether users are set to face disappointment. Either way, though, with the amount of iPhone 13 leaks we've already seen, there's no denying that the next generation of iPhones sound pretty exciting – headphone jack or no headphone jack. If you don't fancy waiting, check out today's best iPhone 12 deals below, and find more great offers in the Apple Back to School sale.

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