There's something strange about the latest Matrix poster

The Matrix Resurrections movie poster on a gradient.
(Image credit: Warner Bros/Future)

The Matrix is one of the most iconic movies of all time, and the next instalment in the movie franchise, The Matrix Resurrections, is set to be released on 24 December. But there's something slightly odd about Warner Bros' poster for the fourth movie, as fans have delighted in pointing out. 

Some are saying that Morpheus' outfit is uncannily similar to the Joker's, and we totally see what they mean. Could this be a hint towards an ambitious super-hero/sci-fi movie crossover? 

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The Matrix Resurrections poster.

Morpheus' suit (far left) is certainly familiar (Image credit: Warner Bros)

The poster features five of the movies main characters as well as a scattered version of The Matrix's iconic alphanumeric coding. But against that bleak, futuristic black and blue palette, there's one glaringly obvious suit that stands out like a sore thumb. A young Morpheus is sporting a red and green outfit that resembles something very similar to the Joker's suit from the 2019 movie. 

Funnily enough, in the previous Matrix movies, Morpheus famously wears a green and purple suit similar to the original Joker, so perhaps Batman's arch-nemesis has been offering style-tips from within the Matrix.

Considering that both the Matrix and the Joker film are part of the Warner Bros franchise, could we be in for an utterly bizarre crossover? (Perhaps they're trying to compete with the rumoured Spider-Man movie crossover coming soon.) 

The poster has been gathering plenty of buzz online, and many fans over on Twitter (see below) are getting involved. Some even compared Morpheus to Johnny Depp's Willy Wonka and Steve Harvey.

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We can't wait to see what The Matrix Resurrections has in store for us (we just hope it's better than The Matrix Revolutions). If you're feeling inspired by all this movie talk, then make sure you check out our guide on how to subscribe to Disney Plus, and treat yourself to a proper movie binge. 

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