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Apple’s 2020 MacBook and iPad Pros could feature game-changing display tech

(Image credit: Daniel Korpai on Unsplash)

Apple could be set to release a super high-end iPad Pro and MacBook Pro with brand new mini-LED screen technology, according to reports. If the rumours are true, the new devices could be a great option for those looking for top-quality display at larger sizes, for use over long periods.

The devices are likely to be released towards the end of 2020 or the first half of 2021. If that's too long to wait, take a look at our predictions for this year's iPad Black Friday offers, Black Friday MacBook deals, or our general guide to nailing the Apple Black Friday 2019 sale.

Back to those rumoured devices though. Notes from trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, shared on MacRumours, reveal that the cutting-edge displays will use mini LED rather than the current OLED technology. They will incorporate up to 10,000 tiny LEDs – for comparison, the Pro Display XDR monitor in the upcoming Mac Pro uses just 576 LEDs (and that's one of the best monitors around). 

What are the practical implications of that? Essentially, it will enable manufacturers to offer a top-quality display in a thinner, lighter screen. Kuo's research notes explain: "We believe that mini LED, compared to OLED, will be a more suitable solution to offer wide-color gamut (WCG) / high-contrast / high dynamic range (HDR) / local dimming features because of its longer life and no burn-in issues for Apple's medium- and large-size products targeting at productivity positions."

Kuo's notes state that the iPad Pros will sport 10 or 12-inch displays, and could be with us late next year. The MacBook Pros will feature 15 or 17-inch displays, and are likely to be released slightly later, in the first half of 2021. 

Competition-wise, it's also good news for Apple. Currently, it relies on Samsung for its OLED displays. The mini LED screen are likely to be sourced from a number of component suppliers, and produced by LG Display.

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Ruth Hamilton
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