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Oreo's new limited edition packaging is full of delightful retro details

Oreo mixtape
(Image credit: Oreo)

We can't get enough of the retro vibe that's in the air at the moment. We've seen Sonic the Hedgehog Lego and Tamagotchi smartwatches. Now Oreo's taking a bite out of the millennial nostalgia trip with a campaign that resurrects the homemade mixtape in digital form.

The campaign connects AI technology with the brand's packaging to bring the art of crafting a mixtape into the digital world. Fans of the cookies can access music online by using their smartphones to scan the Oreo logo on special packets. They can then use the tracks provided to compile their own online mixtapes to share with friends – something of a lost art, perhaps. But, best of all, you can win a cute cookie pack that faithfully reproduces the look of an old cassette player with lots of nice details (for more packaging ideas, see our collection of standout packaging designs.)

We're not sure younger customers will know what a mixtape is, but they will presumably be familiar with Spotify playlists. Oreo's put together a collection of puntastic playlists of its own to get the cookie rolling. "Creme you dig it?" "Oreo Ready to rock?!" "Punks who dunk" and "Dunkstep" on the brand's offical Spotify channel show how it's done.

We certainly love the attention to detail in the cassette player cookie pack prize. Oreo cookies form the reels of the cassette, and there are even screws and a mock battery door on the back. The cookies do come included, of course.

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Oreo mixtape

A selection of Oreo's playlists. Click right for the prize (Image credit: Oreo)
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Oreo mixtape

Customers can win a cassette player-themed box of cookies (Image credit: Oreo)

Running in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, the “Press Play to Win” campaign was created by Digitas U.K. and has its own website Lazaros Nikiforidis, executive creative director at Digitas, said he believed the "experience-led execution" would create an emotional attachment to reach audiences in new ways.

Oreo's developed a knack for creative campaigns, and this one makes use of a growing tendency for integrating digital, AI and AR campaigns with packaging. We've also seen a wave of nostalgia for the 1980s and 1990s of late with that Tamagotchi smart watch and the Sonic Lego we mentioned before. We also loved the new retro Los Angeles city logo.  If you fancy getting involved with your own designs, take a look at the best Adobe Creative Cloud deals below.

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