Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2022 revealed

Pantone colour of the year frame on a gradient purple and blue background.
(Image credit: Pantone/Future)

Every year Pantone announces its colour of the year that supposedly reflects whats in store for the year ahead us. But we were certainly not expecting this year's shade, at all. Let us introduce you to Very Peri. 

The shade Very Peri is what Pantone is describing as "periwinkle blue," with hues of both violet and a soft blue. This pastel blue/purple shade is causing some serious nostalgia in us, as it looks like it just stepped out of the 1990s. Pantone describes the colour as having a "courageous presence" that "encourages personal inventiveness and creativity" – but we just think it looks Monica and Rachel's apartment in Friends. Feeling inspired by all this colour talk? Why not check out our guide to colour theory?

According to the Pantone website, this is the first colour that it has ever created from scratch for the colour of the year. The vice president of Pantone explains that creating the new colour "reflects the global innovation and transformation taking place". We like the sentiment, but we can't help but think if Pantone was trying to convey innovation, perhaps it shouldn't have used a colour that so many will recognise as a shade popular in the 90s?

A selection of items in the shade of Very Peri.

We aren't huge fans of Very Peri (Image credit: Pantone)

While we aren't necessarily huge fans of Very Peri, but we have to admit, it's heaps and bounds better than 2021's colour of ultimate grey. At least this year Pantone is stepping off on a much chirpier foot, even if it is a little too vibrant for our liking. The colour actually reminds us of some of the old school Gameboys (see below) and the new Switch Lite, and funnily enough, Pantone has stated on its website that the colour was inspired by the trends in gaming. It also says how the colour was inspired by "colour trends in the digital world are being manifested in the physical world and vice versa". Could this mean that Very Peri might be the colour of the Metaverse? 

A Nintendo Gameboy Advance.

The Gameboy Advance colour looks a look like Very Peri (Image credit: Nintendo)

It seems as though the new colour is proving incredibly popular online, with thousands of people retweeting Pantone's announcement of the colour. Many are complimenting the shade over on Twitter with one user tweeting, "I really love this," and another telling Pantone, "I'm going to kiss you guys this is so pretty". However, not everyone is as onboard with Very Peri, and one user responded, "Another year and it isn't green" – sorry Pantone, you can't please everyone. 

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With 2022 on the horizon, we are looking forward to sending 2021 well on its way, and we hope that Very Peri reflects an exciting and creative 2022 like Pantone says it will. While we wait for Very Peri to fulfil its colour prophecy, why not check out our guide on how to choose the perfect colour for your logo? Or perhaps you'd rather take things a little slower, in which case, why not treat yourself to some of the best coloured pencils on the market, and sit down with one of best drawing books?

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