The new Scream 6 poster is an absolute, er, scream

Scream 6 poster
(Image credit: @ScreamOfficial on Twitter/Future owns)

There's a lot of talk in design circles about the state of movie posters right now. With pretty much every studio opting for the standard 'floating heads' design, it's hard to find anything inventive out there – but every now and again, a truly original head-turner emerges.

The new poster for Scream 6 is exactly that. Who'd have thought that a subway map could be so scary? Recently shared by the official Scream Twitter account, the new poster is a guided tour through the various victims of the entire franchise – and it's going down a treat with fans. (Looking for more inspiration? Check out the best print ads of all time.)

If you love this film franchise, then take a look at the new killer Scream 6 poster that has fans guessing (some believe there's a secret message that could reveal the identity of Ghostface).

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Each of the coloured lines on the 'map' represents one of the 6 films in the horror series, with the 'stops' named after victims of everyone's favourite perpetually surprised-looking serial killer, Ghostface. Indeed, in a world of carbon copy movie posters, it's refreshing to see something with an actual, you know, concept.

Scream 6 poster

Nice (Image credit: @ScreamMovies on Twitter)

Not only are fans already deep-diving into what the various names might reveal about the plot of Scream 6, but most are also applauding the ingenious design. "New background secured, also, A+++ to your marketing and social teams," one user tweets, while one Redditor cynically adds, "Teaser posters…usually better than the full marketing poster these days. We WILL have a head-bouquet as we get closer to release." If you're looking for more awesome print designs, check out the best billboard ads ever.

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