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Teach yourself the fundamentals of still life painting for just $15

oil painting
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If you have some spare time or just want to learn a new hobby, consider immersing yourself in the world of paint. The Still Life Painting course will teach you all about the fundamentals of painting still life using oil paint. This beginner-to-moderate program starts with the basics and progresses into in-depth techniques. It's on sale for 92 per cent off at just $14.99.

You can continue your oil painting journey and learn about the ten essential oil painting techniques here. Ready to move on and master more advanced painting skills? Try these must-know painting techniques

Learn versatile techniques

The Still Life Painting course includes a total of 18 lessons in one hour of content. The course is taught by John Patric Daniels, an artist, and illustrator based in New York City. The introduction outlines what supplies you need and what types of brushes the course requires. It starts out explaining how to draw using a grid, mixing and understanding greyscale, underpainting, and using a colour chart. Then you'll learn how to paint in colour, layers, and detail. The techniques you'll learn can also be applied to acrylic painting.

You don't need to have any experience in painting, either. You'll gain an understanding of all the rudimentary skills. And the best part is, you can go at your own pace. No need to rush or worry about finishing on time as this course is available to you for a lifetime.

This Still Life Painting course was originally priced at $199 but is on sale today for only $14.99. Enrol in this beginner-to-moderate level program and you just may change your life.

Prices subject to change.

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