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The New Yorker pays poignant tribute to Notre Dame

Last week the world watched on in silent shock as a fierce fire raged through 850-year-old Notre Dame, Paris' famous medieval cathedral. Destroying most of the roof and toppling its famous spire, the fire took hold of the famous building for approximately 15 hours, with flames reportedly reaching almost three metres high.  

Since the tragedy, there has been a global outpouring of love for the medieval building and its community, which includes a beautiful homage from The New Yorker magazine. 

“If history teaches us anything, it’s that out of flames can come rebirth,” freelancer illustrator Bob Staake told The Washington Post when he was asked to pay tribute to Notre Dame for the magazine's next cover. 

“Regardless of whether or not you’re a [religious] believer, it is hard not to feel awe when stepping into Notre Dame Cathedral. That’s why I chose to depict the cathedral’s iconic Rose Window in a powerful aura and flaming glow that speaks to hope, strength and the perseverance of mankind.”

Commissioned by Françoise Mouly, the magazine's French art editor since 1993, Staake's artistic rendering, titled 'Our Lady', is both beautiful and poignant. Here's hoping the plans for Notre Dame's restoration are well underway and we will soon see this famous building back to its former magnificent glory. 

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Kerrie Hughes

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