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Minimal music posters test your song knowledge

As minimal styles have flooded the design sphere, a lot of people have questioned its ability to communicate complex ideas. With this in mind, the folks over at Concert Hotels thought it would be interesting to put the trend to the test.

Using simplistic icons and picture graphs, the team developed a set of minimal posters to quiz the music knowledge of each visitor. Offering only a simple poster design, users must fill in the artist and song title to gain points.

While it can be pretty difficult at times, the minimal music quiz is actually a pretty intriguing and creative way to test your music mastery. So give it a go and let us know how you get on in the comments below!

HINT: All the song titles contain a colour.

Words: Luke Clum

Luke Clum is a designer and web developer from Seattle. Follow him on Twitter at @lukeclum.

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