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NASA posters celebrate the wonders of the universe

NASA Posters

14 stunning posters are available to download for free

We're big fans of vector art and vintage posters here at Creative Bloq. So we were delighted to come across this jaw-dropping set of space posters from NASA recently. The wonders of space make for great artistic inspiration, and the fantastic thing about space is that there's always something new to be discovered.

There's a whole universe out there, and an unimaginable number of planets waiting to be spotted, and NASA is celebrating the few exoplanets we know about – plus the delights of our own solar system – with a series of fabulous posters that are completely free to download and print out.

Designed in-house at NASA's Jet Propulsion Labs, Visions of the Future is a set of 14 imaginative posters focused on possible travel destinations of the future and looking at them through a delightfully retro lens.

NASA Posters - Kepler-186f

The grass is always redder on Kepler-186f - maybe

The posters not only look amazing, they also point out some of the fascinating features of these distant worlds; there's HD 40307g, a 'Super-Earth' eight times more massive than our own planet, with much stronger gravity, and Kepler-186f, an Earth-size planet whose plant life, if it exists, is likely to have been influenced by the red light coming from its cooler sun.

NASA Posters - Kepler-16b

Visit Kepler-16b and enjoy its twin suns for a few seconds before you freeze to death

And for Star Wars fans there's Kepler-16b which, like Tatooine, orbits a pair of stars, making for impressive double sunsets (although in reality it's likely to be a gas giant, and much colder than Star Wars' famous desert planet).

NASA Posters - Enceladus

Could Enceladus be home to extra-terrestrial life?

Closer to home, NASA's Visions of the Future posters also feature some of the treasures of our solar system; places no less exotic than the likes of PSO J318.5-22, a planet with no star, but with much better names. So alongside the big names such as Jupiter, Mars and Venus, there's Ceres – the closest dwarf planet to the Sun and 'Queen of the Asteroid Belt' – and Enceladus, one of Saturn's moons, which may have an ocean and hydrothermal activity, making it a leading possible source of extraterrestrial life.

NASA Posters - The Grand Tour

This poster marks the Voyager project's epic journey

On a grander scale, there's a poster marking the Voyager mission and its tour around the planets and out beyond the solar system, and bringing it all back home there's even a poster advertising the joys of Earth: our oasis in space, where the air is free and the breathing is easy.

NASA Posters - Earth

Earth: where the air is free, for now at least

You can grab all these posters from NASA right now in a variety of formats, from small .JPGs to PDFs and TIFFs suitable for printing out and sticking on your wall.

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Jim McCauley is a writer, editor and occasional podcaster, and is available for space parties.