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The poster that doubles as a night light

glow in the dark poster

The L-ink lamp poster consists of just pen, ink, and LEDs

We know glow in the dark posters aren't anything new but this one takes the idea to a new level. Using the humble inkjet printer, French industrial designer Jean-Sébastien Lagrange has created a new breed of poster that will serve not just as decoration but as a night light for those of you that are a little adverse to the dark.

To turn the lights on, you fold the bottom lip of the poster up and a magnet holds it in place. To turn them off you remove the magnet.

Consisting of just pen, ink, and LEDs, the L-Ink lamp poster is beautiful in its simplicity. And if you have a specialist printer that works with conductive ink, Lagrange has even made the design available to download so you can print out your own at home.

glow in the dark poster

glow in the dark poster

glow in the dark poster

[via Co. Design]

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