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Coke goes slim with Spotify

slim coke spotify

Does a slimmer can evoke an ethos of a healthy diet?

Coca-Cola are without a doubt, one of the top brands in the entire world. Love or hate them, their marketing campaigns often go world-wide viral and we're sure this latest offering will do just the same.

Here, they've teamed up with Spotify to bring you slimline 250ml cans across the MyCoke trilogy as part of their commitment to offer healthier soda choices. The campaign will see television advertising, outdoor and online media all thrown into the mix.

Coca-Cola will also be teaming up with Blippar, which will allow users to “blipp” the new can for a 3D interactive experience whilst also accessing music tracks via mobile devices. So, will a slimmer can really help the brand to evoke a 'healthier' attitude?

spotify coke

spotify coke

[via The Die Line]

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