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Interactive movie brings the new Lexus to life

The new Lexus IS is a luxury saloon car, which you can now experience in a completely immersive way before even visiting a showroom. Developed by the team at technology consultancy Amaze, this interactive video allows viewers to fully explore the interior and exterior features of the latest edition to Lexus' hybrid line.

As Lexus' long-term digital partner, Amaze used a combination of live-action footage and CGI to allow viewers to watch and control their viewing experience. Users can do everything from selecting the exterior colour design to understanding more about the controls, precise handling and engineering behind the new car.

Easily accessible

In order for the Amaze team to create a seamless blend between the real and virtual, they filmed the car driving through different landscapes and teamed up with high-end Munich-based 3D visualisations studio RTT to scan and take 360 degree imagery of the environment at key points. Built in HTML5, the experience works across all devices, and features as the content of an app to promote and sell the new model.

Choosing an exterior colour is one of many features of this interactive video for Lexus' new IS

Choosing an exterior colour is one of many features of this interactive video for Lexus' new IS

"We have enabled viewers to move easily from a ‘passive’ watching experience to an active ‘immersive’ experience, where they can pause the movie to spin and change the colour of the car within the movie itself," says Wendy Stonefield, chief commercial officer at Amaze. "We used the HTML5 Canvas to achieve this and for the interior spins, where users can change the interior colour of the car whilst seeing it in a parallax format, we fused CSS 3D transforms and JavaScript.

"We wanted to create a movie that was beautiful and remarkably sophisticated - something that would be true to the IS and Lexus brand. Our aim was to explain the car’s attributes and allow an ultra-high-quality experience to bring the emotion of the drive directly to the viewer through full screen, movie footage."

You can view the new interactive Lexus IS movie here.

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