UI design pattern tips: pay to promote

Although many people are designing mobile products that are social in nature, few understand what that really means, how it works, or why it's important.

In this series for Creative Bloq, Chris Bank of UXPin, the UX design app, discusses the importance of social design patterns and details examples from some of the hottest websites and web apps today.

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The problem

The user wants to highlight certain content above the regular content feed.

The solution

Let users pay to to promote their content. On sites like Quora and Facebook, users can give their posts a boost by paying a certain amount that gives them greater visibility in the content feed above the regular non-paid content.

Facebook allows you to pay to promote your content to its users

Dating site OKCupid allows users to give their profile a boost in views and LinkedIn does the same albeit as part of the paid membership plan rather than by individual content like in Facebook.

Dating site OKCupid will boost the numbers of people who view your profile for a fee

This form of native advertising can be a great way of allowing users to gain traction and greater visibility while maintaining the user’s experience in the platform.

Words: Chris Bank

Chris Bank is the growth lead at UXPin, a UX design app that creates responsive interactive wireframes and prototypes.