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Free ebook on flat design

You can download this free ebook today!

You can download this free ebook today!

Known for its simplicity and minimalism, flat design is becoming a mainstay style in UX design for both practical and artistic reasons. This style gains popularity for its fit with responsive design, usability, and quick loading, but can be deceptively difficult to apply correctly.

On the other hand, the prevalence of colour in any visual medium mostly goes unnoticed, but its effects are far-reaching, even unconsciously. colours carry deep psychological ties that may be unknown to some designers, but certainly give an advantage to those that know how to apply them.

The free ebook Flat Design & Colors by UXPin dives deep into the most powerful techniques for creating highly usable yet visually interesting web designs. Their design team compiled advice from experts and illustrated their points using examples from 40 companies like Google, Squarespace, and others.

In this ebook, you'll learn:

  • Effective flat colour palettes
  • The psychological connections caused by each colour
  • How to pair colour and texture
  • The pros and cons of flat design and whether it will work for you
  • How flat design fits into material design
  • The characteristics most closely associated with flat design
  • Lists of handpicked free resources and tools for further learning.

Download this free ebook now!

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