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Cool hotel site combines art direction with usability

Vesper Hotel is a boutique hotel based in Noordwijk, Amsterdam, which offers its patrons a slice of luxury and privacy. The branding of this gorgeous hotel is the work of Digital Natives – the creative agency that also created its corporate identity, photography, website and online marketing.

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This site is an amazing example of when every aspect of the site, from content to animations, comes together to create an immersive experience. The design is clear and crisp, with plenty of white space, securing the focus on the beautiful content. Animations, photography and an editorial feel help transport users to Noordwijk.

The entire experience is extremely inspiring as it shows how a website can become a something akin to a coffee table book, without sacrificing on usability. Every page the user clicks on has its own engaging look, and each room has its own specific art direction, with a great balance of captivating photography and key information a user will need to know.

"With Vesper we were more or less given carte blanche," says designer Joost Krijnen Beebie. "This created the luxury problem of having to create and direct all the content you see on the site. We opted to translate the experience Vesper gives its customers to a digital product that still converts. It's a combination of an aesthetic branding expression and an effective booking website."

Words: Chris Allwood

Chris is a digital designer and co-organiser of grassroots event Second Wednesday. He works at Studio Output in Nottingham, UK.

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