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Create a retro-futuristic poster

Mix and match unrelated imagery to build a striking new portrait. Rogier de Boevé explains how.

In this tutorial, we'll look at how to create a specific style of image: an interpretation of retro-futurism which combines old and new media.


What I try to do is construct new images with fragments of landscape pictures. It's interesting to look at pictures differently, removing them from their context and using them in a new way.

Another aspect of this style that I like is that the usage of fragments with texture can add unexpected psychological character to the portraits I create. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to use different tones and textures to create this kind of retro-futuristic poster design. The inspiration for this style of digital art comes from graphic designers such as Mark Weaver, Jo£o Oliveira, Mateusz Sypien and others.

I sometimes use 3D software to really understand the shapes I'm working with, but here we'll be sticking to just Photoshop and Illustrator.

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