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Cel-shady Individual

Recently, there's been an increase in the amount of 3D media integrated within 2D media - mainly in the film industry, where it's had a huge impact on traditional animation (just check out Disney's Treasure Planet to see the latest techniques in action). Nowadays, however, it doesn't have to be just film production that benefits. Design, print and commercial media are actively using the same methods within 3D software to streamline tasks normally undertaken by the 2D artist.

Now included within 3ds max 5 is a material that enables us to shade our objects to make them appear as if they were a two-dimensional image. Just by utilising its basic settings, this Ink 'n' Paint material is incredibly effective, and, thanks to an array of features, you can also modify the results to suit any number of requirements.

Here we'll model out a conceptual vehicle for a print advertisement, using this new material to get the best from its features.

Click here to download the tutorial for free