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New branding is both logo-centric and camouflaged

To launch new Norwegian general entertainment and lifestyle channel, TV6, London-based creative agency weareseventeen was commissioned to create a series of sophisticated and engaging channel idents.

Covering architecture, food, and glamour, the priority was to create a recognisable logo, which weareseventeen cleverly camouflaged among the various elements featured in each animation.

A 'logo-centric’' approach was requested to help reinforce the new brand

The team comment on their website: "A 'logo-centric’' approach was requested to help reinforce the new brand, and each ident follows a similar sequence to help build a sense of familiarity. As this logo was new to viewers our main challenge was to balance the need to convey each theme while ensuring the logo remained recognisable even when constructed from such eclectic elements."

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