3D concept art: Star Wars, Gangnam Style and more

Wild colours, familiar subjects, and prominent textures combine in Kill Art // Trust Design 2.0

These are some examples of Hamburg-based graphic artist Antoni Tudisco's latest project, Kill Art // Trust Design 2.0. This includes wild 3D homages to Star Wars and Gangnam Style Korean rapper Psy, amongst other pop culture references and concepts.

Global K-Pop phenomenon Psy is the focus of this stunning 3D sculpture

Tudisco was born and raised in Germany by a Filipina mother and Italian father, and describes himself as being a "fan of extraordinary things". At the age of 16, he established a clothing line, Manila Apparel, selling t-shirts and hoodies with Filipino designs before copyright issues forced its closure - but he had made his mark.

Now, still only 21, he has worked with major clients sincliding MTV Philippeans, Coca-Cola, Reebok Woman, Nestle and Vans.

The world's bestest movie gets the Antoni Tudisco sensory overload treatment

The multi-talented designer describes the reasons behind his new work on his Behance page. "Few artists call themselves designers because they seem to better understand the difference. Artists do not create their work to sell a product or promote a service.

"They create it solely as a means of self-expression, so that it can be viewed and appreciated by others. The message, if we can even call it that, is not a fact but a feeling.

This example of the amazing, colourful project is called The Rebirth

"Art is Patron-ed, Design is Purchased. Art existed before capitalism, before design was 'bought', things were merely improvements or innovations made by intelligent people or practical users. Art is an invention made by an individual, for individual interpretation."

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