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Improve your digital art with Adobe's latest tool

When it comes to your digital work, precision is just as important as it is with the physical. You can get that with the Adobe Ink and Slide, the perfect stylus and ruler tool for your creations. Get it on sale now for just $29.99 (approx. £20)!

Adobe understands artists — there's a reason the company's programs are the standard bearers for most digital creators. Now you can get more premier design tools from Adobe in the form of the Ink and Slide, the perfect stylus and ruler for your work. It will help you draw with precision while on the go, and works with your portable work tools like the iPad to provide you with a portable workspace that can go anywhere.

You can get the Adobe Ink and Slide on sale for just $29.99 (approx. £34), a savings of 85% off the retail price. It's a great deal for tools that will make your work look even better, so grab it today!