40 amazing After Effects tutorials

07. Advanced masking

If you want to do really cool stuff with After Effects then you'll need to get your head round masking. Here Tobias Gleissenberger of Surfaced Studio talks you through mask animation and interpolation, and explains advanced techniques including using the variable width feathering tool, managing mask modes and ordering, and more.

08. Creating and using masks in After Effects

Adobe After Effects: Learn how to mask objects efficiently

Andrew Devis explains how to mask in an efficient way using After Effects. In this After Effects tutorial, Andrew demonstrates the tools needed for masking along with some handy keyboard short cuts.

09. Put together a realistic composite

Adobe After Effects: Superimpose a District 9 style space ship

Adding outside elements into a scene can be a tedious task that most of us find frustrating. Take a look at this tutorial, where Youssef Sarhan shows you some composition techniques to superimpose a District 9 style space ship.

10. How to add a light wrap to keyed footage

Tom Skelton presents a versatile technique for light wrapping, a common visual effects task.

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