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Collaborate on your iPad sketches with this new app from FiftyThree

Paper by FiftyThree is one of the best tools for designers and without a doubt, one of the best iPad apps for sketching. Today, FiftyThree has released what it is calling the world's first open platform for digital creativity and collaboration. Encouraging you to share and collaborate on almost any project, it's a welcome addition to the Paper software.

"Our first launch, Paper, now has more than 10 million downloads and lets users spend less time fussing with controls and more time being creative. Following Paper, we launched Pencil, the award-winning Bluetooth Smart stylus that unlocks Paper's expressiveness," explained CEO and Co-Founder of FiftyThree, Georg Petschnigg.

"Mix completes the cycle: it's where creators who enjoy using Paper and Pencil come together and inspire one another. Any idea shared to Mix can be remixed seamlessly in Paper by other creators – it's a visual conversation." It's certainly caught our eye and will be an exciting release for any illustrator or graphic designer. Sign up over on their site to catch a glimpse of what the fuss is all about.




Will you be getting into the Mix? Let us know in the comments box below!

A founder member of the Creative Bloq team, Sammy Maine is now a freelance journalist. She also thinks that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is probably the best television series ever created.