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OS X redesigned for the iOS 7 era

OS X redesign

Would you like the next OS X to look like this?

Love it or hate it, the release of iOS 7 saw Apple fans in a flurry and once again bridged the gap between UI design and mainstream news. Its arrival has also sparked a series of rumours about the direction the company should take with its desktop OS. We know that next up is OS X Mavericks, but what is to come after that? Will it adhere to iOS 7's much-talked-about design elements? Designer and Photoshop expert Edgar Rios took matters into his own hands and has designed a concept that peeks into the future of OS X.

The overall look is flat and colourful, with a revamped Notification Centre featuring the now-familiar frosted-glass look of iOS 7. There's also a new Control Centre, which again owes a debt to Apple's latest mobile operating system. This contains album artwork and handy buttons for frequently-used controls, and could utilise a trackpad gesture similar to those introduced in Mountain Lion. The reimagined dock includes the 'flat design' icons seen in iOS 7, which continues the convergence between mobile and desktop OS design that Apple has been pursuing in recent times.

While this is just a simple imagining of what the next OS X from Apple could look like, we don't think fans would be disappointed if it were to mirror some of this design's aspects. But what do you think?

OS X redesign

OS X redesign

[via Cult of Mac]

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