Design superstore Cow&Co's innovative branding

Cow&Co is an online design superstore which also features pop-up shops

Cow&Co is a design superstore delivering new, unique and vintage items to its customers' doors. Aiming to provide a platform for new designers and makers, the shop and retail space opened in August in Liverpool's ONE shopping quarter, and now hosts small inspirational talks by leading designers, craftsmen and entrepreneurs.

The design identity is inspired by traditional retail signage

Liverpool-based design agency SB Studio was commissioned to create branding for the store that represented traditional values of service and craft, and would translate to online and offline retail spaces, including various pop-up shops.

"Cow&Co is exciting as it’s a brand to experiment with – it will evolve over time through new products and new ideas," says SB Studio’s Benji Holroyd

The team's design solution for the identity was inspired by traditional marques and vintage retail signage, and has been applied across the brand from interior design and packaging through to visual merchandising and printed collateral.

Vintage signage style has been modified to suit various applications

"We're currently working on a range of branded mobile units for pop-up stores around the country, which will be launching later this year," explains SB Studio's creative director Benji Holroyd. "Alongside the pop-ups we’re also working on the first Cow&Co 'magalogue'."

This showcase was originally published in Computer Arts issue 206.

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