Reinventing ice cream to build a luxury brand

Taxi covered all aspects of brand identity when comprehensively rebranding Jolly Nice

Jolly Nice Ice Cream was formerly known as Westonbirt Ice Cream, and entrepreneur Harriet Wilson wanted to revisit the brand and packaging to compete with the more established luxury ice cream brands.

That’s when she called Taxi, which, under the guidance of creative director Spencer Buck, covered all aspects of the project including brand strategy, positioning, naming and tone; the packaging; the visual identity system; copywriting and more.

Copywriter Lyndsay Camp was resonsible for the personality-packed stories on the packaging

Casey Sampson, senior designer at the studio, says: "We proposed the name Jolly Nice, because that's what Harriet is. Her personality is built into the products, which from a branding perspective is a dream. The name led to a wonderful set of stories, one for each product, each relevant to her pursuit of perfection and deliciousness."

Taxi was contacted over a year ago by Harriet WIlson. “We pitched credentials against another agency and won the job based on our creative ability,” says creative director Spencer Buck

With the main concept being to exemplify the 'uncompromising deliciousness' of Wilson's ice creams, the main logo was first drawn by hand before being vectorised in Illustrator CS6. Geoffrey Appleton was called in to illustrate the packaging, bringing the stories of copywriter Lyndsay Camp to life.

This showcase was originally published in Computer Arts issue 207.

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