What top brands would look like as beer bottles

What Nike, Facebook and other brands would look like as beer bottles

From alcohol to smoothies, the drinks industry is incredibly competitive. But this doesn't mean you can't have a bit of fun while you're trying to get your drink branding right, especially if your market research involves some inebriated inspiration.

After a lot of drink-fuelled revelry cleverly disguised as a 'team-building' exercise, the staff at Printsome started to imagine what the world's biggest brand names would look like as beer bottles. It's the sort of drunken antics only designers could get up to, but the results show how a solid brand can suit strange situations.

Meredith Hebert brewed up these beauties, and she was keen that the message of each brand should be reflected on the labels. From straplines to imagery, these bottles echo the core identity of Facebook, Apple, Arsenal and more.

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