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Moleskine unleashes new notebook designs

We're well aware that as designers, you're all huge fans of Moleskine notebooks. The quality, paper, portability, durability and variety on offer are just some of the reasons why you love them so much. You'll be pleased to know then, that Moleskine have decided to branch out their variety even further with the launch of a new range.

Art Plus is a new collection, including some old and some brand-new notebooks, categorised according to paper weight and absorbency as well as dimensions, cover material, and paper layout. There's the Sketchbook, with 88 detachable pages with a 'Squared' format that makes images Instagram-ready with no cropping needed. Or you could go for the Japanese Album, which features paper pigmented directly in the pulp to guarantee colour stability and resistance.

There's also the cold-pressed Watercolour Album, with paper that contains cotton, ensuring absorbency on both sides of the page, and the Black Page Album, with a heavy paper weight, offering a sturdy and elegant backdrop for collages and photographs.

Browse the entire Art Plus collection on the Moleskine website.

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