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Marvel unveils new Muslim superhero

new muslim Marvel superhero

Ms. Marvel makes history as Marvel's first female Muslim superhero

Marvel are responsible for some of the greatest comic book artists of all time, producing some of the most iconic characters, story lines and comic series' the world has ever seen. And now they've made history by announcing the first ever female Muslim superhero.

The Ms. Marvel series is set to be released in February and focuses on Kamala Khan - a teenage girl living in Jersey City. Kamala's is from Pakistan and her powers include the ability to change shape. Her creation stemmed from a conversation between two Marvel editors Sana Amanat and Steve Wacker, as Amanat reminisced about growing up as a Muslim teenager.

Author G. Willow Wilson said, "I wanted Ms. Marvel to be true-to-life, something real people could relate to, particularly young women. High school was a very vivid time in my life, so I drew heavily on those experiences. It's for all the geek girls out there, and everybody else who's ever looked at life from the fringe".

new muslim Marvel superhero

new muslim Marvel superhero

[via The New York Times]

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